___ one inch margins all around

Method sections should include a participants section (specifies the sample size; identifies all important characteristics relevant to the study (e.g., number of males/females, mean age and SD, % upper/lower division students, english speaking/reading, etc.)), materials section (clearly describes all measures and materials used, including relevant details (e.g., number of items, content, rating, operational definitions of scores, etc. Includes the measures reliability and validity, justifying the researchers use of the measure. Each measure should have its own paragraph.), and a procedures section (type of design correctly described; dependent variable and all independent variables accurately identified and defined; assignment of participants to groups, sequence of activities, or counterbalancing of treatments clearly and accurately described. The design chosen can answer the proposed research question.).
Overall format
___ One inch margins all around
___ Entire document is double-spaced.
___ No extra spacing between paragraphs
___ All pages have page number in upper right corner of header
___ 12 point font Times New Roman
___ Proper formbciat and alignment of headings

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