About field work: discussion: primary research is done through surveys and interviews.

About Midterm Letter Assignment: Discussion with Samples Review: This is where we will look into the sales letter requirements and find out how the samples met or exceeded requirements. In order to get full benefit from this discussion, look at the requirements (last entry in module 4), the rubric, and pick & analyze a sample of your choice. In a 100 words post, discuss the requirements and rubric and share your analysis of the sample against the post responding to my add-on question before the discussion closes on Monday next
About Field Work: Discussion: Primary research is done through surveys and interviews. You need to survey your population and interview your patron of your 6Pproposal
We will discuss how to go about primary research here. Please go through the attached PowerPoint .What did you learn? Feel free to ask me any questions and to survey the class here using google or any other survey software link

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