Answer the questions asked

When Najwa asked Tamer ‘ Do you feel you’re Sudanese?’ his answer was ‘ My mother is Egyptian. I lived everywhere except Sudan: in Oman, Cairo, and here[ London]. My education is Western which makes me feel that I am Western. My English is stronger than my Arabic. So I guess, no, I don’t feel very Sudanese though I would like to be. I guess being a Muslim is my identity.’ What about you? I talked slowly ‘ I feel that I am Sudanese but things changed for me when I left Khartoum. Then even while living here in London, I have changed. And now, like you, I just think of myself as a Muslim.’ He smiles. I ask him about Lamya ‘ Does she consider herself Sudanese?’…’ I think she considers herself Arab. Her husband is like us . He is Sudanese but grew up in the Gulf and studied in the States.’ (p.110).
From the above conversation between Najwa and Tamer, explain the dynamics of identification.
Is it between national identities and Islamic identity? Or between Islamic identity and Western identity?
Does Islamic identity transcend both national identities and Westebcirn identity?

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