Answer the two questions asked below.

Enter this Forum to complete the discussion question in your take-home quiz (Quiz 2). It is 6 pages long. Here’s what I want you to do:
1. Read the article posted here: Haldane On Being the Right Size.
2. Watch this attached 30-second video clip which is a scene from the recent King Kong movie, linked here: King Kong Clip
3. Answer the two questions asked below. Each answer should be about 150 or more words.
(a) Using one of the examples in the article, discuss an interesting fact you did not previously know about the relationship between geometric scaling and the existence of life on Earth.
(b) The importance of the force of gravity on life and scaling is discussed on Pages 1-2 in the article. Use that discussion to explain whether the King Kong depicted as chasing a car and running through the streets in the clip can actually exist? Hint: the answer is no! Why not?
This is the video you need to watch.

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