Are there any conflicts in the literature review? c.

Students will review the highlights of a peer reviewed research article. Please contact the college’s library if you are having trouble accessing the databases. The article should be related to Human Sexuality. Please be sure to include the questions and headings on your final assignment. This assignment should be in a question and answer format, not essay format.
Please be sure to answer ALL of the following questions: Article Reference. Be sure to include the following information: a. Article Title b. Author(s) c. Journal title d. Volume and/or issue e. Date
f. Keywords Research Goal/Purpose a. What is the goal/purpose of the research? Literature Review a. What have other researchers “said” about the topic? b. Are there any conflicts in the literature review? c. What gap does this research fill in regards to the topic? Research Hypothesis/Research Questions a. What is the research hypothesis(es)? What do the researchers expect to find? b. What were the research questions? – Special note: Some studies may present a research hypothesis or research questions and some studies may present both please answer based on your research article. Research Design/Methods/Sample a. What type of Research design was utilized? (Survey research, true experiment etc.) b. Provide information about the sample. Be sure to include demographics (sex, race, age etc.) and any compensation the participants received. c. What types of measures were used in the study? List all scales/surveys/questionnaires used in the study. d. What type of analysis was used in the study? You do not have to explain the analysis, just write out what method was used (ie., MANCOVA, ANOVA, chi-square etc). Study Results a. What were the study results? b. Was the hypothesis proven correct? c. Where there any differences between races, sexes etc.? Discussion a. What was presented in the discussion section? b. Describe the study limitations the researchers presented in the study. The limitations should come from the discussion section, not your personal opinion on the limitations. c. Describe the future research directions/suggestions the researchers presented in the study. The future research directions should come from the discussion section, not your personal opinion on the limitations. Conclusion a. What are your overall conclusions about the article? b. How can this study be applied to everyday life? Be sure to present possible practical applications. c. How does this article relate to the class? BE SURE TO TURN IN A COPY OF THE ARTICLE YOU REVIEWED WHEN YOU TURN IN YOUR ASSIGNMENT. The article should not be copied and pasted at the end of the assignment, but uploaded as a separate document. PLEASE NOTE YOUR ASSIGNMENT WILL NOT BE GRADED IF THE JOURNAL ARTICLE IS NOT ATTACHED BEFORE THE ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE.
Please feel free to use any peer-reviewed articles presented in this course for your assignment. In each Module under the Readings/Media page there are peer-reviewed articles presented under the article tab. Students can use any of the articles the instructor has presented as supplemental readings for this assignment. Even articles used in the course must be attached to the assignment. You should select an empirical research study, NOT just a review of literature. If you are not sure, please ask. If you select the wrong type of article, you will be graded on the paper you submit. Your article should have a Methods, Results and Discussion section.
To receive full points on this assignment, copy each question number and question onto your paper, in the same order given in the assignment, and then answer each question, including multiple parts, in the same order. I do not expect this to be an essay paper. The assignment should be at least 2 double spaced pages.

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