Aversion to word problems

View the video “Math Class Needs a Makeover” (Meyer, 2010)
While the subject described is math, the pedagogical concepts are universal.Pay attention to student predispositions and how teachers can, with their own teaching, engage students in the learning.
After viewing the video. Create a diagram, or pictograph that demonstrates a student predisposition (from the list below) and a corresponding teacher pedagogy shift or strategy (from the list below or one that you create).
Student predispositions to learning:
Lack of initiative
Lack of perseverance
Lack of retention
Aversion to word problems
Eagerness for the formula
Teacher pedagogy shifts
Use multimedia.
Encourage student intuition and/or curiosity.
Ask the shortest question you can.
Let students build the question.
Support your thoughts with examples and research.
Meyer, D. (2010, May 13). Math class needs a makeovbcier [Video]. TEDx Conferences. https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_meyer_math_class_needs_a_makeover

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