Bcc students have office 365 which includes ppt.

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PowerPoint Research Project Assignment – Project and Response DUE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20 BY MIDNIGHT
PowerPoint Research Project Assignment – Project and Response DUE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20 BY MIDNIGHT
A creative PowerPoint Research Project
PPT and one 100 word minimum Response to one other student are both DUE on DUE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20 BY MIDNIGHT
This assignment is formally assigned this week but it was available on the first day of our course so please plan your schedule so that you work on the project consistently every week and allow time to use BCC writing services.
Please post your PPT early on the link in the folder where it says: Post PPT Project here.
ONLY your first post will be graded. Do not post more than once. I’ve set up an Open Forum for PPT Project to allow you to collaborate with classmates and read each other’s work. Use this area to ‘Test’ your post or ask a classmate to ‘test’ it to be sure it opens on the Discussion Board so that you can contact the CITE Lab at 508-678-2811 x2081 or BCC writing services (please check their schedules) if you need help. It’s a good idea to partner with a classmate, post early, and confirm that you can open each other’s attachments on the discussion board. Please do not email me to tell me that you don’t know if your PPT will open. This is all part of the assignment of preparing and submitting a research project. Please read carefully:
Although you may have access to formats other than PPT, no other format will be accepted because PPT remains the standard professionally. BCC students have Office 365 which includes PPT. Please visit BCC Writing Services in ample time for assistance in creating your PPT and posting it as an attachment to the discussion board. If your PPT is large, the Writing staff can show you how to save it as a pdf or in a format that will post so that your project can be opened by all. No other method of submission will be accepted for a grade.
Revisions or reposts will not be graded. Edits must be complete before posting. No edits will be accepted after submission. Here is the assignment:
Please visit a Behavior Modification Program either in person or via the program’s website.
A Behavior Modification Program is an actual location which serves clients. This project is not a discussion of a treatment procedure/method that we covered in the text, but a visit in person or virtually to an actual Program already in operation. To decide what program to choose, think about a topic in Behavior Modification that you are really interested in. Perhaps you work in an educational setting and want to learn more about behavioral modalities for students with ADHD or autism or perhaps you are interested in smoking cessation, obesity, or other specific behaviors that respond well to behavior modification programs. There are numerous programs that address all aspects of care and they have a physical location as well as a website so that you can ‘visit’ virtually.
Search the Internet and choose a program or visit in person unless there are restrictions at the time of our project. You may use a program at which you work but be sure to remain objective and use text-based information to guide your opinion of the methods used by the program.
If you have been a client/patient in a program, or, if a family member or friend has been involved in a program, you may state this but be sure not to include any information that would identify the person. Your task is to describe the program in detail, using terminology from our text. This is not a copy and paste
For example:
Who developed the program and who currently administers it?
What behavior does the program modify?
What does the assessment phase involve? Who does it?
Does the program do baseline assessments? Which ones? How are they used? What treatment approaches does the program use? Who administers them?
What behavioral methods are utilized? Who staffs the program? What are their credentials?
Who is eligible to enter the program? What are the criteria for admission?
Are there age, gender, or , etc. restrictions?
How does one know if the program has been successful? Is there data on its effectiveness to achieve/modify the behavior it claims to modify? Be specific. This is not your own opinion but the objective facts based on data. What is your opinion of the program?
What would you change? Why? Based on what you have learned.
Would you recommend the program to others? Why or why not?
Use text-based criteria that we have been studying to form your questions and answers. Convert information about the Program into your own words. Your slides should not just be copied and pasted directly but converted into your own words. Please remember that I visit the websites you submit and can easily see the wording. Converting the website information into your own words ensures that you can critically analyze a site as a student of Behavior Modification. Whether you make an actual visit, or use a cyber site, use the questions above as well as any others that interest you to guide your organization of the project.
Sample sites: To get you started, here are 2 sample sites (do not use these for your project):
Autism Spectrum Center – Boston Children’s Hospital: http://www.childrenshospital.org/autismspectrumcenter#
Youth Care Behavior Modification Programs: http://www.youthcare.com/programs/behavior-modification
Respond to another students’ PPT by the assigned date. Your response is the usual minimum 100 words. This promises to be a rewarding assignment and is always a highlight of the course for students! If you have any questions please le me know!! Thank you somuch.

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