Choose 3 quotes from the old man and the sea that support a thesis statement of your choice.

Philanthropy in Our Lives
The Old Man and the Sea
Formal Essay #1
The book The Old Man and the Sea has several themes, but in essay #1 we will be concentrating on three themes: friendship, respect, and perseverance in the face of difficulties. In a philanthropic situation you need to strengthen bonds (friendships), respect others regardless of their situation, and be persistent in your efforts to help them. This will lead up to our end-of-semester project in which you choose a philanthropic organization that you would like to research.
Here are some topics that you might consider writing about:
How friendship can help someone in need to weather difficulties.
Desire to give and determination to help others regardless of difficulties.
Respecting others can cultivate s se this in a philanthropic situation.
The essay should be done in MLA Format. Remember in-text citations and a Works Cited Page.
Choose 3 quotes from The Old Man and the Sea that support a Thesis Statement of your choice. Find a quote from the library that’s aligned with your thesis and supports it.

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