Choose a persuasive speaking topic and organizational pattern (problem-solution, comparative advantage, or refutation pattern).

Persuasive Speech II
Choose a persuasive speaking topic and organizational pattern (Problem-Solution, Comparative Advantage, or Refutation Pattern). Note, using Monroe’s for this speech will result in an automatic 20% grade deduction for the assignment as this speech is supposed to use one of the other persuasive organizational patterns discussed in the text.
Use the templates provided to create a full-sentence outline that you upload to the module 7 portfolio milestone page with your speech.
Practice your speech at least three times (four to six is better); record yourself at least two times.
Be sure to use VoiceVibes for one of your later practice sessions and keep track of your VoiceVibes report as it will help you with the portfolio of speeches project in week 8.
Please use the method announced by your instructor for uploading your speeches to the class site.
Complete the Self-Evaluation FormDownload Self-Evaluation Form detailing your experience and thoughts for improving your presentation for the second persuasive speech.

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