Choose one of the following topics:

Important: MUST read all the sources required before answering the question below Choose one of the following topics: Multiple reports have stated that the redistribution of wealth in the United States (e.g., taking money from the top 1% and giving it to the 99%) won’t end wealth inequality. Applying what you have learned in this course thus far, why do you think that is? Take the following Money Personality Assessment. Compare your personality traits to that of self-made and inherited millionaires (see Leckelt et. al, 2022 article). Be sure to incorporate course material (i.e., citations and references) AND to respond to at least THREE of your classmates’ posts. (due 2 days after initial post) Continued: Will be provided later once the answer above is provided. Respond to at least TWO of your classmates’ posts. (Two with 150 Words EACH, One with 100 Words) Sources: ATTACHED BELOW

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