Choose three consecutive years’ data.

This is a short essay prompt with a 9-minute informal video or audio presentation. Please follow the MLA format for your essay prompt.
Questions: 1. Visit the World bank database on the website. Choose at least three indicators for three different countries to analyze. Choose three consecutive years’ data. Indicators such as Unemployment, CPI, GDP growth (annual %), poverty headcount ratio, population, labor force. Provide graph necessary for each indicator. (!) the symbol in front of each indicator will explain what is the indicator for. Find interesting trends to support your position on US Economic Growth from this free form of research to make your summary in 300 words. Record 3-minute informal audio or video presentation. 2. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at Choose the Publications menu and Reports. Read any report you like and write your summary in 300 words. 3. Visit the OEC website. Go to the TreeMap section to explore the exports and imports of any countries you like to learn about. What are the challenges or changes you have found regarding today’s global trade? Write your summary in 300 words.

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