• cover page (1 pts.)

This is a reflection paper for an interview conducted via email. Awawiting questions. Description: To integrate the knowledge acquired about social work supervision during the course, you will interview a supervisor in the human service arena. Write a paper reflecting on your interview and a plan for development along your career path. This assignment will lead you to analyze models of practice in social work supervision critically. General Instructions: Each student will submit a reflection paper based on an in-depth (or series of) interview(s) with a supervisor. Students may select a current or former field instructor, on-the-job social work supervisor, co-worker in a supervisor role, fellow student, or acquaintance in a social work supervision position. Family members are not acceptable. Students will develop the interview questions based on the course content regarding supervision and leadership. Use the outline and rubric below to develop the interview questions, write and submit the 800-1000 word-count paper. Content Outline:
I. Introduction II. Interviewee’ approach and experiences A. Appointment to the supervision position/role B. Administrative, educational, and supportive tasks C. Leadership
D. Inclusion and Equity in the workplace
E. Ethical issues or dilemmas in supervision
III. Analysis of the interviewee’s approach and experience IV. Preferred perspective(s) and approach(es) as a leader and social work supervisor V. Conclusion
Personal Supervisory Style Profile Paper
Student: _______________________________________ Grade: ____________
Criteria Points Earned
Wrote a strong introduction (10 pts.)
• Specified the general theme of the paper (3 pts.)
• Explained the paper’s purpose, including the means (i.e., f2f, zoom, email) and day the interview was carried out (2 pts.)
• Included a thesis statement (3 pts.) • Presented an overview of the content addressed (2 pts.) Included the following content (35 pts.)
• Introduced and described your interviewee (you can use pseudonyms for the interviewee and the institution where they work) (# of years in the SW profession; # of years supervising; # and type of supervisees (SW students, SWs, clinical SW candidates, others); type of institution; population served; and any other relevant information) (3 pts.)
• Described the interviewee’s supervision experiences and leadership approach(es) (cites are essential) (6 pts.)
• Analyzed the interviewee’s experiences, including equity and inclusion endeavors based on perspectives/approaches/ models of supervision and leadership (cites are essential) (10 pts.)
• Presented and supported your perspective and approach to leadership and social work supervision (cites are essential) (8 pts.)
• Reflected on potential ethical dilemmas applying the values, principles, and standards particularly to supervision, administration, and cultural competency citing the NASW Code of Ethics (8 pts.) Wrote a strong conclusion (10 pts.)
• Reinstated the thesis statement (2 pts.) • Summarized what you learned from: • the interviewee • your leadership style and supervision skills to be an effective SW supervisor (5 pts.)
• Included a general development plan in social work supervision (3 pts.) Credited course instructional material, at least two more sources of information, and the interviewee (25 pts.)
• Cited relevant and reliable sources (academic/peered-reviewed journal articles (less than 10 years old) and official statistical data (Note: stats only if needed). (4 pts.)
• Cited the sources correctly (Note: different structures of citing (parenthetical and narrative citations) is expected in graduate school) (3 pts.)
• Formatted the references according to the APA Manual (7th ed.) (Note: interview content is only cited; not included in the reference list) (3 pts.)
• Included as appendices to the assignment: (15 pts.)
• Interview Questions
• Transcript, recording, or email sent by interviewee with responses (Note: if needed, upload as a separate file in the corresponding assignment field) Followed APA 7th ed. style and format (10 pts.)
• Cover page (1 pts.)
• Line spacing/margins/font theme/font size (2 pts.)
• Headings and sub-headings (3 pts.)
• Page numbers (1 pts.)
• References page (1 pts.)
• Appendices (1 pts.)
• Saved document in Word format (not in PDF) and uploaded the paper on D2L as Last Name_First Name_ Personal Supervisory Style Profile Paper (1 pts.) Wrote clear and concise using correct grammar, spelling, acronyms, punctuations, and academic tone (10 pts.)
• Used proper sentence structure and length with correct punctuation, especially commas and apostrophes
• Used good paragraphs with thesis sentences; appropriate paragraph length
• Created a sense of understanding (thoughtful transitions, interconnection, and flow of ideas)
• 1
• Avoided colloquial expressions
• Avoided bias language • Stayed within the range of 800-1000 word-count (do not include the cover or reference pages in the word count)

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