Dear writer, I trust you are well. I have an assignment coming up for my ‘Optimi


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Dear writer, I trust you are well. I have an assignment coming up for my ‘Optimising Operations and Change” module. The name of the assessment is ‘Assessment 2: Consultant’s Report and Simulation.’
In this assignment, I need to act as a ‘consultant change manager’ to develop a plan to deliver and sustain the optimisation of the operations of “NORTHWELL”.
The Consultant Programme Journal will:
Introduce the organisation and proposed change; address the education of employees (learning plan); the informing of pertinent stakeholders (communication plan); For each of
the above illustrative plans you will provide a written context that will leverage appropriate change management theories and models that you have covered within the course or through
you own independent research. Finally, you will critic how you are to address the culture of the simulated organisation in terms of its resistance to change.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that this assignment 2 is meant to be done with a peer and is a follow up from a previous assignment we completed earlier in this year. However, since I was not paired with anybody, I need to deliver this ‘assignment 2’ in respect of the NORTHWELL implement case study.
I will attach the Northwell Case Study alongside the assessment brief given to us by the teacher. The assessment brief includes information from the previous assessment as well, just make sure you focus on “Assessment 2: Consultant’s Report and Simulation”.
On the bottom of the assessment brief, you will also find the “Grading/Marking Criteria” as well as the “Common Assessment Scale”. Please read these thoroughly because it is crucial for me to get the highest grades possible for this assessment. This can increase my overall grade significantly.
Last but not least, for extra motivation; If you get over 70%+ overall, which is an A, I will certainly give you a good tip!
Good luck!