Did knowing your peers would learn about your research in class affect how you approached the presentation?

The underlying purpose of the reflection essay is to indicate what you have discovered from this
process. That is, your reflection essay should explain your process of researching and creating a
presentation of your research. You should also discuss your feelings about the process.
You should begin by introducing and reflecting on the content of your presentation. First, you
should examine your decisions about which issue to research (such as moving from a topic to a
broad issue to a narrower issue), describe how you conducted your research, explain why you
selected certain sources to include in your annotated bibliography/presentation (look back at the
evaluation section of your annotated bibliography to help you remember why you chose
particular sources), and explain why you decided on the suggestion that you made in the
conclusion of your presentation. This section is the introduction of the essay.
Next, in a new paragraph you should describe and explain the choices you made regarding the
presentation. You should indicate why you chose a particular type of visual aid to present your
material, how you determined which ideas from your research to present to the class, how you
decided which visuals to help explain your ideas and where you found them or how you created
them, and why you decided to organize your presentation in the way that you did.
Finally, in a new paragraph you should assess the experience as a learning process. While there
are many different things you could write about in this part, be sure that you delve into your
feelings about the entire process. For example, you could explain what you found most difficult
in the process, most rewarding, most surprising, or easiest. You could explain what you would
have done differently if you had the chance or what you would do the same. You could compare
writing an essay to presenting the material in visual form. Did knowing your peers would learn
about your research in class affect how you approached the presentation? This section is the
conclusion of the essay.
I recommended that, instead of waiting for the end of the process to write your reflection, you
write it as you work, jotting down notes as you go which you can refer to later. Use the questions
towards the end of this document to help you.
Use of first person (ā€œIā€) is permitted in a reflection essay. As with all academic writing, you should
keep in mind that your instructor expects varied sentence structure, good diction, relatively few
grammatical errors, and correct spelling.

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