Discusses a legal action that will impact how companies market

For this assignment, you must search for print or online media/news publications. i.e., magazines, newspapers, periodicals or journals and find a current article related to marketing, a business or concept learned, discussed in the course complete a write-up of the article. Marketing and business trends frequently change, so the article cannot be over 3 months old.
Date of Article
Publication/Source of Article Summary of the article in your words Your opinion of the article An article from a reputable news source from the past few months. If the article is not dated, move on! If it is too old, move on!
Article topic:
Discusses the marketing-related actions of a specific company
Discusses a new technology relevant to some aspect of marketing Discusses a consumer trend that marketers can use
Discusses a legal action that will impact how companies market
Discusses an economic trend that will impact consumer and/or organizations in terms of marketing
Discusses a social or cultural trend that will impact some aspect of how a company markets
Focuses on a specific area of marketing, such as new product, branding, pricing, channels of distribution (methods of delivery, retailing, etc.), or promotion

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