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Company: Enersion
Article: Captures wasted heat from solar panels or gas powered units and converts it into cooling, heating and electricity.
Product and service: clean technology
country : Canada, United Emirates
This assignment is a preliminary research on market intelligence, competitive intelligence and product intelligence to export a product/service to the market selected for a Canadian exporter.
Most common errors are: 1) “Googling” instead of using the 9 professional sources, thus sources are not professional and using more than 1 journal article; 2) The 3 types of intelligence are too general, not specific, thus not useful enough for the company, 3) Forgot to include in-text citations or sources for photos; 4) References and in-text citations don’t match; 5) References not having 3 parts: author (year), title, link; not in alphabetical order; 6) OneDrive link does not work.
Please see Sample Assignment 1. Please note that this sample is for format only, not for content. Do not copy the content of the sample.
The upcoming Individual Project due Week 6 is based on this Assignment #1.
Please make sure that you submit:
1. Original PowerPoint file with notes (under the slides).
2. Link of video recording: record on PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) or on Zoom (.mp4), upload to OneDrive or YouTube (link), then put the link in “Comments” box.
1. Sign up by Week 2 class
Please sign up a case study (on Discussions) from the list below of success stories, and 3 countries.
Please note: Students should choose a case study in which the company offers the product/service that you know well and are likely to specialize in your future career, and the markets/countries that you know the most, so that it is easier to conduct research on these markets.
2. Prepare a PowerPoint file (7-11 slides)
* 1 slide: Title
* 1 slide: Introduction of the company and the product/service (2 slides if there are photos/graphs)
* 1-2 slides: Market intelligence
* 1-2 slides: Competitive intelligence
* 1-2 slides: Product intelligence
* 1 slide: Conclusion/Recommendation
* 1 slide: References, at least 8 sources, include the sign-up link and company website, maximum 1 journal article (2 slides if more than 10 sources). Each source listed in References needs at least one in-text citation.
Required sources: Use the following Canadian sources and professional foreign sources. Students cannot cite these links in References.
1. Export Development Canada:
2. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service:
3. Trade Data Online:
4. Business Development Bank of Canada:
5. FITT Trade Ready:
6. Canadian Business:
7. Financial Post:
8. BNN Bloomberg:
9. McKinsey & Company:
* Instead of “Googling” from, you can go to the websites of required sources above and search from there (the country, product, etc.)
* Similarities in References, quotes, names, titles, etc. are not considered plagiarism. At the same time, please make sure not to change key words in the original sources.
Required readings: Students cannot cite these readings in References.
Market Intelligence
1. D’Alimonte, D. (2014). Use market intelligence to make better global trade decisions.
2. *Roy, E. (2016). Grow your business now by making the most of your market intelligence.
3. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (2021). Spotlight on market research. (Scroll down to the end of page for more sources.)
4. *U.S. Commercial Service (2014). Export Experts: Gathering International Market Intelligence (video).
5. Export Development Canada (2018). Markets of opportunities (video).
Competitive Intelligence
1. Roy, E. (2015). Gather strong competitive intelligence to maximize your profitability in international markets.
2. D’Alimonte, D. (2014). Gathering competitive intelligence before you enter foreign markets.
3. Export Development Canada (2018). How to break into new markets with market scans (video).
Product Intelligence

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