Do not include an abstract or a table of contents.

This fifteen (15) page paper, excluding the title page and list of references, will contain the elements listed below. Do NOT include an abstract or a table of contents. See the grading Rubricon Bb for details on the criteria that I will use to provide you with feedback on your written paper.
A. Analyze your current organization’s HRM processes in four specific areas: a) Selection andPlacement, b) Training, c) Performance Management, and d) Career Development and Succession Planning. If you are currently a full-time student, you would use the organization that you worked with most recently as a basis for your analysis. For each of these systems you will begin the section with a general overview of the HRM area (using the information from Noe, et al, our class exercises/discussions, etc.), then you will describe how your organization currently uses the HRM system/process. Drawing from our class discussions, textbook concepts, etc. you will describe the “gaps” in your organization’s approach to each of the four HRM areas. Include in your description specific ways that your organization’s HRM process (in each of the four areas) currently optimizes individual and team talents as well as what is missing and therefore does not optimize the use of talents. Throughout the analysis, describe clear examples of how each of the four HRM systems impacts each other and the HRM/line manager partnership.
B. Based on the analysis of your current organization’s HRM systems, you will provide specific recommendations on how to redesign each HRM process to “fill the gaps” as well as optimize the use of talents. Your redesign recommendations need to describe how each of the four HRM systems included in your analysis will impact each other and are interrelated. Also, include examples that underscore the HR professional/line manager partnership in the effective redesign and implementation of each of the 4 HRM areas.
Please post your assignment by clicking on the Assignments folder on the course content page onBb, HRM Systems Analysis Paper, and finally View the assessment to upload your assignment.
Please post your assignment on Bb by the end of Learning Unit 8. Please ensure you review the assignment’s Rubric prior to posting your document as I will use it to grade your Assignment. TheRubric is accessible once you have clicked on the HRM Systems Analysis Paper document.
Analysis of HRM processes for student’s current organization
• Information on the use of talents (B&C) and HRM processes was synthesized and integrated in a fluid and clear way throughout the paper. • Original ideas/concepts were integrated into the paper which clearly described how to integrate talents and fully deploy people in organizations through HRM systems. • Throughout the analysis, clear examples of the HRM partnership (between managers and HR professionals) were described.
Redesign Recommendations for student’s current organization
• Specific recommendations are made based on the organization analysis fully explaining how the gaps that were identified in selection, performance management, training/development, and career/succession planning systems would be addressed by managers and HR professionals. • The recommendations offered on how to redesign the HRM systems are well integrated and reflect the understanding that changes in one system will impact changes made in another part of the system. Fluid, integrated approaches to the redesign are clear and well explained.

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