Do not use outside sources

Answer the following
1) Please describe your proposed research topic.
2) Provide a statement that identifies the key concepts in your proposed research topic and a hypothesis (hypotheses) about their relationship. (For example, my proposed research project seeks to explain the impacts that income has on academic performance. The key concepts are income and academic success, with a hypothesis that increases in income increase academic success.)
Provide nominal (in words) and operational (how you will measure) definitions of the key concepts in your research. (For example, income will be nominally defined as the annual amount of money a person receives, while academic performance will be nominally defined as results in college courses. Income will be operationalized by asking participants to report how much money they reported on their prior year’s federal tax return, while academic performance will be operationalized as self-reported grade point average upon graduation from college, or at the time of response).
Identify which of these concepts (what are now variables) is the dependent variable and which is the independent variable(s).
Identify the level of measurement for each of the variables.

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