Do these findings support the model of coastal complexity as an origin for modern human behavior?

This term paper needs to be placed in an Geoarchaeological context and should use the scientific terms regarding archaeological as well as geological terms. The more recent the cited papers are, the better. Special focus on the Cawthra papers. It is a Term Paper for a Masters seminar on the Introduction to Geoarchaeology.
Citation style: SpringerSocPsych (Author – year system, no footnotes, literature list in the end). see
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The overall key thesis is the following: Whether and how is human occupation forged by the coastal environment of the South-Western Coast during the MIS 5 at the site of pinnacle point 13B and the surrounding environment? Do these findings support the model of Coastal Complexity as an origin for modern human behavior?
The papers attached could and should be used as references.
The paper needs to be structured as following:
– in an introduction to the MSA (Middle Stone Age) at the South-Western coast of South Africa as well as a research history regarding the geoarchaeological research of climate and sea level in connection to archaeological sites of the MIS (Marine Isotope Stage) 5 to 4, need of good citation, eventually additional papers such as Henshilwood et al 2002 + 2011, Texier et al 2013, Wadley 2001, d*Errico 2009 needed, good summaries in Will et al 2019 and especially Bader et al 2022).
– A methodological section, which explaining different geoarchaeological techniques of identifying sea level changes in deposits around archaeological sites and full coast lines, how the usage of marine ressources is evaluated in archaeology, see also Karkanas & Goldberg 2018 for referring to the concept of facies, micromorphology, aeolian processes etc.
– Results section: Overview of the research at the site of Pinnacle Point 13B, location, stratigraphy, artifact findings, conducted geoarchaeological research, Development of the coastline in the given time frame of MIS 5, artifact categories from the site and possibly the wider region which are regarded as modern behavior (coastal ressources, bone technology, symbolic artifacts). Papers to use: Especially Karkanas 2010 and 2020 + Bailey & Cawthra 2020 + Cawthra 2019)
– Discussion: Presentation of the “Coastal complexity model”, that states the modern behaviour emerged from MIS 5 to MIS 6 due to coastal adaptions such as brain-specific nutritients and dense resource foraging (See Marean 2015 + 2016 + Marean et al 2015 , Synoptically in Will et al. 2019). Followed by a critical evaluation of the model, what Alternatives are proposed and how the findings of climatological and geographical changes at the south-western coast of South-Africa in the view of the Site complex of Pinnacle Point fit into the Coastal complexity model.
– Conclusion: Short summary of the results and the discussion (max 1 page).
I hope this gave you a bit of a background for the tasbcik, good luck and feel free to ask me questions!

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