Don’t forget to use all the apa standards.

Assignment on the film Babies: You can rent it for $3.99 at Amazon
(SLO#3. Analyze strategies that empower families to establish and maintain collaborative relationships to support the growth and development of children.)
Ready for your mind to be blown? This documentary is one of the best on cultural diversity and a perspective like none other on how different parents raise their children! I hope you will enjoy this!
After viewing the film Babies, please prepare an APA paper, with all the details: Title page includes running headings, Introduction, body and conclusion, 12-point font, double spaced, and a solo Reference page with the video citation. (See Rubric!)
Critical thinking is required! That means include A TON of INFORMATION in the body of your paper.
1. Create a title page, the body of the paper, and a reference page. If you need help with the APA standards, see the APA standards video in the Modules, the first week.
2. Begin in the introduction, by introducing the video, the director, and the contents of the documentary. (Cite the video in-text).
3. Within the body of your paper, discuss EACH family by name and what these families in the documentary needed, (strategies they used), that empower them as a “family” to support the growth and development of their children.
4. In your conclusion, reflect on how a child’s family, culture, and community create a safe place for young children to develop. Use examples from the Babies documentary as evidence.
Don’t forget to use ALL THE APA STANDARDS. This includes a title page, an introduction, body, and conclusion and to cite all resources in your paper (author, date) and on a solo reference page.

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