• education:

Introduction: Brief overview of the topic, theory, purpose and why you selected it for the paper.
• Summary of the content: Summary of the key points of topic – Paraphrase the information but use a short quote when appropriate.
• Connection to course material: Analysis of your topic utilizing at least 5 theories from the course. The theories you select can be of either historical or modern/contemporary relevance.
In your paper, you ought to describe the nature of the theory, including central components, applications, current/modern explanations, and controversies surrounding the selected theories on your chosen topic.
• Evaluation and conclusion: Based on your research and analysis, what are the social impacts of the topic? What hierarchy exists for parties involved or associated with the topic?
What are the short-term and long-term consequences if the topic does not change?
Make three recommendations for improving the topic, with research and/or data driven support provided.
this assignment,
– a 2,000 word paper
– apply at least 5 of
the major psychological theories discussed (attached to files)
– to construct an argument about the theories’
contributions to one of the following topics (with possible suggestions provided):
• Legal:
• Giving ex-felons and ex-prisoners the right to vote
• Immigration policies
• Career/Work:
• Sexual harassment in the workplace
• Benefits of on-site daycares for working families
• Public Health:
• Putting an end to tackle football
• Celebrities’ input on medical causes (i.e. the notion that vaccines can cause autism)
• Education:
• Impact of school choice programs
• Rising cost of higher education

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