Explain the strengths of this testimony and why you find it persuasive.

you will be reading a chapter: “What Really Happened at the Boston Massacre? The Trial of Captain Thomas Preston.” This chapter is scanned and saved as a PDF below
This chapter and collection of primary source testimonies asks you to consider what really happened in the Boston Massacre and reconsider the public memory around the event. After reading these primary sources, are you persuaded that Preston ordered his troops to fire, or do you believe he was innocent and did not order his troops to fire? Develop an argument defending the interpretation you find most convincing. In developing your argument, you need to use at least two testimonies, accounts, or closing arguments from individuals you agree with and who support your argument. Explain the strengths of this testimony and why you find it persuasive. You must also address the testimony, account, or closing argument of at least one individual you disagree with and is arguing against your point. Identify the weaknesses of that opposing position.
Your answer to the above question and explanation of the necessary evidence must be at least 250 words (typed, double-spaced, this is approximately 1 page ) and is due to the Turnitin link before your lab section begins. Cite the documents you are using with footnotes that include the witness name, whether they are a witness for the King (Prosecution) or witness for the Prisoner (Preston), and page number. An example of what to provide is right here with the footnote at the end of this sentence.
On the next page you will find a color image of Paul Revere’s engraving (source 4, p. 100). The color image is easier to see detail, etc.
Here is a link of the painting that allows zooming:

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