Explain what each tool provides.

1a. Suppose that you are hired as a strategic consultant for a firm and are tasked with analyzing the External Environment of a business unit. List and define the tools used to analyze the External Environment. Explain what each tool provides.
2a. Competition is eventually inevitable no matter how a firm positions itself in an industry and what particular strategy they adopt. Imagine the following competitive scenario and explain how you will come up with a strategic response based on what you learned from the course.
You are a strategic manager of Starbucks. A fast food restaurant chain, Chick-fil-A, made a strategic move to broaden their menu offerings of coffee beverages (e.g., adding Americano, Frappuccino) with low prices while bundling the beverages with their breakfast and lunch items that are already popular.
Outline how you would go about responding to this competitive move of Chick-fil-A.
(1) What analyses will you plan to perform? Why should the analyses help craft your strategic response?
(2) What strategic actions will you consider taking?
There is no right or wrong answer, but the key is to demonstrate your learning from course theories and explain how you will think about this practical question. Grading will be based on effective use of course theories and logical arguments. (No research and use of outside evidence is necessary. A couple of paragraphs will likely suffice.)

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