For module 3, conduct marketing research on the erp software market, focusing on erp oracle and sap erp.

For Module 3, conduct marketing research on the ERP software market, focusing on ERP Oracle and SAP ERP. Prepare a) one-page report to summarize your findings b) Create a PowerPoint presentation to present your findings.
Your report and PowerPoint slides should include the following:
Define ERP.
Compare the Oracle ERP and SAP ERP product in terms of the customers they serve, characteristics of the software, advantages and disadvantages, etc.
Based on your own research, which one you would prefer if you are the CEO of the company?
The following items will be assessed in particular:
All questions have been addressed.
The report is well written with proper grammar and format.
Proper use of some in-text references and references.
At least 10 PowerPoint slides, not including title page and reference list.
Upload your Word document and PowerPoint file when you are done with both.

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