FYI: You are free to answer the questions directly as listed (not in standard ac


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FYI: You are free to answer the questions directly as listed (not in standard academic essay format) but do be sure to include data, quotes, and other important information in order to build your analysis and effectively answer the questions and site your sources.
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Answer Each Questions detailed
1. The Physiological Impact of Sleep and the Racial Sleep Gap
-What happens when we sleep?
-How does sleep affect the human body?
-What does a good night’s sleep look like? What is bad sleep?
-What happens when an individual is deprived of sleep? What are the short and long-term health impacts?
-What is preventing African Americans from getting the same amount of sleep as their nonblack counterparts?
-What roles do racial discrimination and environmental factors play in the perpetuation of the racial sleep gap?
-How does this impact black health?
-What are some suggested ways that the racial sleep gap can be mended at the individual, institutional, and policy levels?
2. Black Women on the Politics of Rest
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Write Answer Each Questions detailed
-What is the Nap Ministry and what was Tricia Hersey’s goal in establishing this organization?
-What is significant about taking a nap?
-What message is Tricia Hersey trying to send about black women, overwork, health, rest, and justice?
-Discuss the notion of racial fatigue and “calling in black” from Evelyn from the Internets’ YouTube video above and how you see it connecting to Hersey’s Nap Ministry project?