How can this portfolio set you apart from other applicants for a job?

This free-writing activity is intended to provide an opportunity for you to reflect upon your learning–what resonates with you, what is important to you, or what has raised questions or challenges for you. Journaling helps to build critical thinking skills by “getting your thoughts on paper,” which facilitates deeper connections with your learning.
Use the prompts below as a guide, but feel free to write honestly and candidly about what you are learning and experiencing in this course right now. Only you and your instructor will see your journal entries. You will not be graded on writing mechanics such as grammar, sentence structure, or formatting. Your writing just needs to be understandable. You will be graded on the depth of your critical thinking and self-assessment skills. The only requirement is that you write at least two substantial paragraphs for each entry. Feel free to write more.
In your journal entry, consider and respond to the following items based upon what you have learned in this course so far.
What parts of your work do you most want to highlight in your course portfolio? Why?
How can this portfolio set you apart from other applicants for a job?
Identify several individuals that you might request a letter of recommendation from for your portfolio. Why these individuals? Why would these recommendation letters be important to include in your portfolio?
Provide a self-assessment about your learning or performance in this course so far.
I want to highlight my skills as a hard worker with many accomplishments, fast learner and always open to new ideas and new things
this is an eportfolio so i feel it will set me apart and show that not only am i a hard worker but tech savy and always learning

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