How did the conflict start?)

1. Hypothesis – Introduction
2. There must be integration, use theories like psychological behavior, etc.
3. Methodology to be Analytical and NOT descriptive.
4. 2000 words
5. Sources to be from books, academic articles, reliable sources and nothing from websites ending in .org, .net, etc..
4. Language is very important, and it should be an academic language, to be formal but clear at the same time, no difficult to understand.
5. Titles can be used, for example: Introduction, Historical Overview, conclusion, etc.
6. the paper can be structured as follows:
– Intro: around 300 words
– historical overview: about 300 words
– Conflict parties: about 1000 words (are the conflicting parties intra parties? inter partes? primary or secondary parties?)
– Conflict issues: around 800 to 1000 words (what were the main issues? how did the conflict start?)
– Conflict Dynamics: about 800 words – Social psychology, behavior in conflict (like threats, promises, persuasive arguments, violence, non-violent resistance, ingratiation, coercive commitment, shaming, etc.) what were the dynamics that caused conflict? was thebcire any basic needs deprivation? etc..

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