How does our knowledge of the twelve child development principles from the dap position statement influence our understanding of development and inform our practice as early childhood educators?

For successful completion of this assignment, follow the steps described below.
Part One: Gathering Information
Assessing your knowledge of child development in four domains: Health and Physical (Motor), Cognitive, Language, and Social Emotional.
Review the pages of the text and your class notes about the four developmental domains that will be the focus of this preschool profile.
Preschool Physical and Motor Development, Chapter 10, pages 211-238
Cognitive Development in the Preschool Years, Chapter 11, pages 239-268
Symbolic Thought: Play, Language, and Literacy in the Preschool Years, Chapter 12, pages 269-307
Social and Emotional Development of Preschoolers, Chapter 13, pages 308-341
Review the Nine Principles of Development in the DAP Position Statement.
Review these sections in the box below from NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development and your class notes about NC Foundations.
Health and Physical Development Domain (HPD), Motor Development (Subdomain), HPD 4-5 Goals, pages 67-69 and 75-79.
Cognitive Development Domain (CD), Construction of Knowledge: Thinking and Reasoning (Subdomain), CD 1-3 Goals, pages 117-124.
Language Development and Communication Domain (LDC), Learning to Communicate, (Subdomain), LCD 1-7 Goals, pages 89-103.
Emotional and Social Development Domain (ESD), Developing a Sense of Self, Developing a Sense of Self with Others, and Learning about Feelings (Subdomains), ESD 1-7 Goals, pages 49-64. NC Foundations of Early Learning (pdf)
B. Observing Draco to develop a Profile of the four domains
Watch each of the six videos of Draco at school, use a separate Running Record Form as you observe each video (the form is provided in your project packet or folder in Blackboard). For reference, use step 3 of writing anecdotal records on page 32 of your textbook. You will have six Running Record Forms when you are finished. Prepare to spend approximately 25 minutes watching the six videos. You may view each video as many times as you want to get all of the information you need.
Draco and Friends Playing with Legos (2:50)

Draco and Friends at a Restaurant (3:39)

Draco and Jessie Playing with Trains (5:55)

Draco’s Transition to Group Time (4:01)

Devin and Draco Going Fishing (2:46)

Wyatt and Draco Playing at the Table (2:50)

C. Using the Child Development Principles Handout to find at least 1 example of each principle in the videos. All six videos must be represented in your examples.
D. Connecting Knowledge gathered through direct observation to identify characteristics of developmental stages of the preschool age child
Organize your notes according to the four developmental domains: Motor, Language, Cognitive, and Social/Emotional. Using the highlighting tool highlight in pink all the examples of Motor Development in each of you running records, examples of Language Development in blue, examples of Cognitive Development in green, and examples of Social/Emotional Development in yellow.
Review your running record notes and identify the goal for each of the four domains, according to Foundations, i.e. which section provides a “snapshot” of evidence of a developmental goal from NC Foundations. (See the Developmental Domains and Goals Handout.) Underline the section or sections from each of your Running Records that gives evidence of the goal you selected for each domain.
From your underlined sections of the six Running Records, write an Anecdotal Record Form for each of the four domains that provide evidence of the child’s developmental level related to the corresponding goal you identified in Foundations.
After completing each Anecdotal Record Form, you will write a summary for that domain. For example: After completing the Motor Anecdotal Record Form you will use the information from all six of your Running Records, the Motor Anecdotal Record, what you read in the NC Foundations about motor development, and what you read in chapter 10 of your text book/resources to write a ¾ to 1 page long summary of Draco’s motor skills. You will do this for each of the four domains.
Part Two: Making Connections
Identification and Summary of Developmental Indicators
After you have completed each Anecdotal Record Form and summary for that domain, complete the Developmental Indicator Handout. (If needed, review the Developmental Domains and Goals Handout.)
Summarizing Information Gathered from the Child Development Principles and through Observation
Write some “I Wonder Questions” that you may have now that you have completed observations on the “I Wonder” Handout.
Summarize your information gathered from your observation of Draco’s progress across all four domains, and your knowledge of child development; summarize your findings of the child’s development in each of the four domains that you focused on during your observation. Focus on how he has developed as a whole child, the interrelation of development across domains. Use the completed Child Development Principles Handout. This summary should make the connections between all of the gathered information and the information provided in NC Foundations. What information did you learn about Draco’s unique needs? How is the child’s development impacted by his experiences? This final summary should be at least 2 pages long.
Part III: Reflecting on Information Gathered to Inform Practice
Reflect on your observation and information gathering process for this assignment and respond to these two questions: (Your reflection should be ¾ to 1 page long)
In what ways did you learn how observation assists early childhood educators to promote positive outcomes for each child? Be sure to include some examples from your Profile of Draco to support your response.
How does our knowledge of the twelve child development principles from the DAP Position Statement influence our understanding of development and inform our practice as Early Childhood Educators? Include examples from your Profile of Draco to support your response.

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