How to reference a source: refer to the following link on apa referencing format:

Directions. Search the Internet for a recently published news article that describes a recent happening that is related to one of the items within the Module 9 Lecture or within Chapter 14 of the textbook. The happening must be recent (within the last 60 days) and must not be ongoing. (i.e., There is a big difference between an actual current news event versus something that is ongoing.) The news article also must have been published within the last 60 days. Please find something that is a happening of true geographic significance (i.e., related to the subject matter of this class) that is inherently interesting. (i.e., Please do not do a Google search and just pull out the first item that comes up.)
Your Product. A paper that consists of, as per the title of the assignment, an analysis of the selected article. This does not mean just a simple report on an article. Yes, you need to write what the article is about, but you also need to examine it/think about it and put that reflection in writing. i.e., Please demonstrate that you are informed on what you are writing about.
Format & Grading Criteria. Typed, double-spaced. Minimum length is 700 words, not including the title or the references. A quality paper consists of the following:
The very beginning of your paper must specifically cite the item in the Module 9 Lecture or in Chapter 14 of the textbook that the current event is related to and must explain why the current event is related to it.
The content of your paper is accurate, is well-informed, shows individual thought, and goes beyond the simple rote reproduction of the article. i.e., Yes, you must summarize the current event, but you must also provide your own true informed analysis of said event by examining it/thinking about it,and thus putting that reflection in writing.
The composition is respectable, is free of typos, syntax errors, etc.
Sources are correctly referenced per the below referencing guidelines.
Writing that is free of plagiarism.
Writing that is free of overt/obvious copy/pasting.
Writing that is of your own informed words such that its content is meaningful to both yourself and to the reader. e., The paper must demonstrate that you are truly informed on what you are writing about.
How to Reference a Source: Refer to the following link on APA referencing format:
APA Made Easy.docx
How to Submit Your Paper: Submit your paper as a Word or pdf file (i.e., a document with a file name extension of .doc or .docx or .pdf). Submit your file by clicking on the Submit Assignment tab on the upper right of the page.

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