How will you link your framework and your intervention?

My PICOT statement or Initail synthesis is In adult patients aged 18 to 65 years, who present to primary care clinic for their primary care, does offering them telehealth visits improve no show rates as compared traditional office visits within 6 months ?
Six Critical Areas Worksheet 1. State the problem your intervention addresses. Include the macro problem and long-term goal, as well as the associated micro problem and short-term goal. a. Macro:
b. Micro:
2. State the purpose of the paper.
a. The purpose of this paper is to discuss and .
b. In addition, it proposes an intervention intended to . 3. Who is the target population and the population of interest? (Are they the same?) 4. State the proposed intervention, the purpose of the intervention, and how you will measure its effectiveness.
a. The intervention is a b. The purpose of the intervention is to c. The measurement will include
5. Identify the theoretical framework that supports the effectiveness of your intervention. (Consider how you will link your framework and your intervention.) a. Framework:
b. How will you link your framework and your intervention? 6. Identify the health policy implications (of the micro problem), as well as how your intervention is intended to affect each of them.
a. Access: I. Implications: II. Impact:
b. Cost: I. Implications: II. Impact: c. Quality: I. Implications: II. Impact:

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