Writing Review Re


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Writing Review Requirements
– The article must be no older than a eight years
– The author’s name must be provided in the article.
– Use your own words to criticize (comment) the article (do not plagiarize)
– Your essay must have at least four paragraphs and be no more than three pages in length
– Include reference(s) at the end of your review
– You must include the link.
– Article reviews will be collected through a homework assigned in Blackboard.
– Article reviews will not be accepted after their due date.
– When you find the article that you would like to use for the review, you have to submit the title, author, the date of publication and the link of the article by email to me, and I am going to approve it. For this step, the rationing device is first come, first serve. Article Selection
– Make sure the topic of the article is consistent with the topic of the current assignment
– Choose an article in which the author critically addresses (not summarizes or describes) an issue
Writing Review Structure
Writing review identification (at the upper right corner of the first page)
– Number of the assignment (#1, or #2) and date
– Student’s name
– Course ID and class period
Article identification (first paragraph)
– Title of the article and name of the author
– Name of the publisher and publication date (article must be not older than eight years)
– Brief description of the article and information about the author (if available)
Purpose of the article – What the author wants to communicate to the reader
– Author’s position with respect to the issue discussed in the article
Critical Analysis (at least one paragraph)
– Evaluation of the consistency between the author’s proposition and the related economic theories learned in class
Conclusion (last paragraph)
– Sufficiency of information provided to back up the author’s proposition
– Achievement of the article objectives
– Overall evaluation of the article