I need 8 slide,all word counts add up to 1100 is enough

It’s not a essay!! I need 8 slide,All word counts add up to 1100 is enough
This assignment is your opportunity to explore a social problem or issue that is of interest to you. You have the choice of working with a group or on your own. You will need to make this choice by the date specified below. Students working in a group will be graded separately, so make certain that you contribute to your group’s work.
Using your textbook and additional resources, select a topic and create a presentation on a social problem/issue (8-12 slides).
Topics may include but are not limited to: domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, teen pregnancy, sexual assault/rape, homelessness, divorce, healthcare affordability/access, alcoholism, substance abuse, racial or sexual discrimination, and others. You will need to choose your topic by the date specified below. Each presentation must be on a different topic, so I suggest you make a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice by the topic date.
You are required to use no less than three journal articles (not popular magazines, newspaper articles, encyclopedias, or textbooks) and at least one research-worthy website (Wikipedia does not count!) for your references.
Be certain to present a clear introduction and conclusion and discuss the causes and/or consequences for society in regards to your topic. You must also apply one specific sociological theory to your topic.
Please use APA standard formatting for citations and references.
The grade on the Social Problems/Issues Research Presentation will be based on the following evaluations:
The intellectual depth and quality of the research and ideas presented
The degree to which the presentation is clearly focused and understandable
The quality of the presentation (images, graphs, use of data)
Use of the appropriate number and types of references (minimum of three journal articles and one research-worthy website; only academic references with no popular magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, or course textbook references)
Use of required format for references and citation

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