Imagine that you are an indentured servant living in the american colonies sometime between 1650 and 1750.

For the Midterm Exam, you will answer two questions: one from Section 1 and one from Section 2. In your response, you should explore the question fully and be sure answer all parts of the prompt. Each essay should be around 750 words, for a total around 1500 words – about five to seven typed and double-spaced pages. Please submit your responses in a single document – do not upload two separate files.
Your response should include specific detail to support your arguments and to show your understanding of the material. You may use your readings and internet sources. You should keep quotes to a minimum, but be sure that you cite your sources appropriately. (You can refer to the information on Plagiarism found on the Assessments and Evaluation page – and I’ve linked the Quick and Dirty Guide to Plagiarism here.) I am more than happy to review drafts of the essay or to work with you to develop your ideas and arguments. Drafts must be received no later than Wednesday, October 5th. I will provide brief feedback and point out areas that need work, so that you may earn the best possible score on this assignment.
Section 1
Choose and answer one of the following questions: Imagine that you are a resident of England sometime between 1650 and 1800 who has decided to immigrate to the American colonies. You may choose to be a man or woman from any religious background, occupation, and residence. What factors influenced your decision to leave England? What are your hopes and aspirations for life in the colonies? How will your life be different from what it is now? What opportunities are open to you in the colonies that you may not have in England? And, perhaps most importantly, which of the colonies will you immigrate to and why? (In choosing where you want to go, it’s important to keep in mind who you’ve chosen to be – this will be a significant factor in your decision.)
Imagine that you are an indentured servant living in the American colonies sometime between 1650 and 1750. You may choose to write as a man or woman from any background, as well as the colony in which you reside. What factors influenced your decision to leave England and sign an indenture contract? What is your life like? What kinds of work are you made to do as an indentured servant and how are you treated? What are your hopes and aspirations for the future? Section 2: Choose one of the following questions:
The lives of enslaved people varied between regions in the American colonies in the period between 1650 and 1800 – as did the slave systems that evolved. For this essay, you will compare and contrast the slave systems of the Chesapeake, the rice kingdom of South Carolina and Georgia, and New England. What were some of the defining characteristics of slavery in each society? Were slaves given any leniency/liberties or allowed to cultivate their own crops? Were there changes to slavery in the region in the late 17th to mid 18th centuries? Include an explanation of the economies of each region (important crops or industries, etc.) and the types of labor enslaved people were expected to perform. How did culture develop among enslaved people? What did religion look like for them? Of the three societies, which was the harshest for enslaved people? Which would be the least harsh? The concept of liberty is one that is woven throughout American history from its very beginnings. How did definitions of liberty vary between English settlers and Native Americans in the early years of settlement? What were some of the defining characteristics of each? How did the concept of “liberty” evolve within colonial society through the 18th century and what influence did intellectual and religious movements have on these ideas? As the colonists moved toward the Revolution, which groups were included in their vision of “liberty” and which were not? In what ways were the ideas of liberty embraced by those groups who were excluded? What impact did English exploration, colonization, and settlement of the American colonies have on Native Americas from the period 1500 until 1800? How did life change for Native Americans in the wake of European arrival? What was life like before – beliefs, etc.? How did their way of life differ from the Europeans that began to immigrate and settle on their land? How were the relationships between Native American peoples and the colonists and in what ways did conflicts between European powers affect those relationships? What was the impact of the American Revolution on Native Americans?

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