Instruction is as follow from Prof and more specific rubric is in the attachment


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Instruction is as follow from Prof and more specific rubric is in the attachment.
Remember, this is not a research paper so there is no need for quotations from the text.
Please demonstrate the knowledge that you gained from three areas:
our textbook, the lectures, and the handouts that you have read on D2L.
This essay requires students to reflect on the readings and connect the content to
Traditional Chinese culture as discussed in class. The focus of the essay is on
Connection to and Significance of the objects (examples that you choose) to Traditional Chinese culture.
You may use any examples that I discussed in class or put in a handout on D2L.
All your examples for this essay must be limited to clothing.
Food is not discussed in the essay, so here I can give an example of food and in particular the example of Chinese noodles.
First, Chinese noodles are connected to the Chinese people. For example, if we go to Chengdu in Sichuan China, we will find the environment of Sichuan closely related to the hot and spicy noodles. These are typical of the long tradition of making and eat these spicy noodles.
How significant are these noodles to Traditional Chinese Culture? Well, on the 60th birthday, in the traditional counting system of 60, many Chinese people consider 60 years old as a very important age and celebrate that with a bowl of Long Live (Longevity) noodles. This reverence can be related to the Chinese concept of respect for the elders. So, you can explain the significance and connection in this way. Be sure to explain your connections well in merely superficially.
Three links need for the essay:

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