Isbn 13-978-0-13-448420-4 (6th edition)

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Thompson, L. L. (2018). Making the team: A guide for managers. NY: Pearson. ISBN 13-978-0-13-448420-4 (6th Edition)
In an effort to promote diversity and inclusion, Midwestern Banking & Trust has created a new team which will develop training and development programs across the 20 individual branches, which are divided into 4 regions. As the team leader, Claire knows how important it is that this team and the programs be well accepted by the nearly 800 employees. Their first program, held last month, included 4 regional family picnics with food choices, music, and family games representing differing cultures. Each regional picnic was designed and coordinated by employees from within those regions (with at least one member from each branch) and lead by a member of the diversity and inclusion team. Feedback from employees about the picnic was generally positive, but the diversity and inclusion team knows the picnic was only the first step in awareness of cultural differences. Each diversity and inclusion team member has been assigned the task of drafting two different programs which will be offered in the upcoming months.
As a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Team, create two different programs based on your chapter reading (separate each in your answers). At least one must be team-based learning. Provide the research/theory behind each choice, the goals of the program, and a brief overview of the process for employee involvement.
Answer the following questions in full sentence format. Remember to use cited key terms, definitions, and theories from your textbook in each of your answers. In-paragraph citations (with page numbers) and a formal reference are always expected.

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