It means correct spelling and word use.

Please refer to the files listed:
Articles are listed in the files, also please provide in text citation for files and etext listed in file
Read these articles and, in a well crafted essay, not to exceed 2 pages, address the questions posted here.
Well crafted means using well constructed paragraphs and sentences, 1 sentence per idea. Related sentences make up a paragraph. A paragraph has 3 to 5 sentences; sometimes more. It means correct spelling and word use. Do not try to use words you don’t normally use. If you use them incorrectly it does not make you look smart.
Your answers must be based on the material from your eText, the articles and any additional research or reading that you do.
All ideas, phrases and para-phrases must use in-line citations (APA style) and you must include references. All ideas and opinions must be supported by facts, evidence and examples. All facts, evidence and examples must have citations!
You will find the submission link under ASSIGNMENTS
SUMMARY: Procter & Gamble, the world’s biggest advertising spender, will move away from ads on Facebook that target specific consumers after deciding they have limited effectiveness. CLASSROOM APPLICATION: It’s somewhat counterintuitive to think that ads that are less targeted can, in some cases, be more effective for advertisers, so it would be a useful activity for students to justify why P&G is moving away from Facebook’s targeted ads. You could also challenge students to develop a list of criteria for advertisers to use to determine if they should use Facebook’s targeted ads or the ads that are not targeted.
QUESTIONS: 1. In your own words, explain how Facebook’s targeted ads work.
2. For what reasons is P&G choosing to move away from Facebook’s targeted ads? 3. Describe the type of calculations you would recommend that P&G and other advertisers to use to evaluate whether to use targeted ads or ads that reach a broad audience. 4. What criteria would you recommend that advertisers consider in determining whether to run targeted ads or ads with a broad reach?

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