Listen/or play this music and, over a period of one month,

Need help with Part 2 of my listening log.
Part 1 – Had to log a month’s worth of music. (Paper attached)
Part 2 – Discussion (which need help with) Started this but not sure what else to add.
Discusses music in the 6 domains with insight. [Attention & Focus, Energy & Motivation, Relaxation & Soporific (Sleep-Inducing), Spiritual, & Emotional, and Stress Relief.]
Discussion of use of music in context (morning, evening, motivation, etc).
Full Description of Assignment
Description: Music has the power to regulate mood, transport us through time and
space, to access, acknowledge and express a broad spectrum of emotions, or provide
relaxation, motivation and inspiration. The purpose of this assignment is to help you
mindfully, purposefully, and intentionally embrace music as an agent to empower and to
facilitate your everyday life.
A) Write a listening log to take note of your listening or music-making habits
(musical habitus). Create a list of recordings that you like to listen to or music that
you enjoy playing. Listen/or play this music and, over a period of one month,
document how each selection affects you by taking note of physical sensations in
your body and breath, how your thought patterns change, and how you respond
emotionally. Begin to match your list with activities such as morning, study, work,
household, relaxation, bedtime, weekend, travel routines or music that you listen
to (or play) whenever you experience stress.
Have attached some powerpoints with Ideas we discussbcied in class and some papers.

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