Ll2a & ll2b are located at www.ciss100.com => ubuntu linux or in english goto www.ciss100.com and then the ubuntu linux menu and the ll2a and ll2b items in the ubuntu linux menu.

1. Please read Chapter 2 of the primary Understanding Computers text and “A Look at Numbering Systems” in the textbook’s References and Resources. As an additional resource, please see www.ciss100.com => Lecture Topics => 02 Architecture & Hardware noting this menu system has an even better Numbering Systems Tutorial.
2. Linux – Please complete the www.ciss100.com Linux Lab 2 (LL2a & LL2b) and submit your document in the LL2 submission areas below. LL2a & LL2b are located at www.ciss100.com => Ubuntu Linux or in english goto www.ciss100.com and then the Ubuntu Linux menu and the LL2a and LL2b items in the Ubuntu Linux menu. Linux Labs (LLs) are graded pass/fail where passing receives a 1 and failing receives a 0. The LLs must be entirely correct to proceed as you will need their skills in subsequent LLs.

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