The project revolves around reviewing a primary source relating to the Tanzimat period
of the Ottoman empire during the reign of Abdulmecid I. You will be reading either the
two-paged Gulhane Decree OR the Rescript of Reform (https://anayasa.gen.tr/reform.htm) and answer, in a clear and meaningful manner a series of questions as required by the assignment. The text of the Gulhane Decree (the reforms implemented during Abdulmecid I having to do with efforts to modernize the state and its relation to its subjects), as well as the assignment itself will be attached here. The clarity of the language used in your writing, correctness of the grammar and the richness of content is of utmost importance. This is important to pay attention to as if I notice the writing is rushed through, repetitive and devoid of useful content, I will be canceling the contract. So please, do us both a favor and do not waste mine or your time if you think you are not well-versed on the topic or have little to no experience/knowledge of writing on a historical primary text. It is needless to say that at the time of submission, I do not want to end up having to correct grammatical mistakes and also that I will be running the final result in numerous plagiarism checking apps for assurance before turning the paper in. With that in mind, continue reading below for what the assignment entails if you are still interested in accepting this project. The assignment question: – How should primary sources be read and why is placing them within the correct historical context crucial for us to understand them and to use them within our own history writing? – How can we better understand the historical period from these documents and how can the writings read in the wrong context mislead us to portray realities that might have not been relative to the period under discussion? – Who is the intended audience(s) and what is special about how it is formulated? – what is “modern” about the text and how the text relates to questions of religion, citizenship, and state relations? Absolutely feel free to be creative with including interesting points that are not in the
assignment. This is an assignment which I personally find of great interest and would
have normally loved to work on myself if I had the time, so take it seriously.

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