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With the addition of several new elderly care facilities and homes in your community, you have noticed an increase in elderly related crimes, a crime that has begun to rapidly increase in other jurisdictions as well. Deputies within your agency are not yet well experienced in dealing with these incidents, including the investigation that is required of these cases. As a supervisor, your sheriff has approached you and requested that you draft a policy on dealing with elder abuse in your community. Remember the chapter on policies (you should use the model from your text book Pg. 22 Figure 1.2).
This policy should have guidelines that the deputies responding to these types of incidents can reference. In addition to the policy, you are also tasked with implementing elder abuse training for your deputies. Detail how you would train your deputies and what sources you would use. Instructions: Write a policy for your sheriff’s office detailing deputies’ response to elder abuse crimes. The policy should contain the needs statement first. It should also include procedures for domestic violence, resources, and referrals to social services and related agencies.
The statement should include the sheriff’s office’s expectations of deputies in dealing with these types of calls. This policy should also include special needs and considerations toward this demographic in the community. The training outline should include a goals statement. It should also include what topics and issues should be covered in the training to make it successful for both the elderly community and the sheriff’s deputies.
Submit this work as a Word doc or PDF. Any work submitted in another format will receive a zero. Do not submit your work by copying and pasting into the submission box. Your work needs to be attached and formatted as a PDF or Word doc. No google docs.

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