Once you have gathered your information,

Part 01: Visual Essay You will work on the historical personalities you have been assigned from those shown below. Investigate that individual to determine what they achieved and what impact they had on the world in which they lived. You will have to use the internet to do much of your research. You are limited to the use of two websites, make your web choices carefully. You want well informed, well-grounded websites, be mindful of the validity and information. You may not use Wikipedia as a source. Once you have gathered your information, keep track of your sources as you will have to cite them. Next, you will begin collecting images that will tell your story. Images of them, if you can find any, where they were from, their personality traits, their contributions, their impact on their world.
Historical Personalities Please review the person you have been assigned. Find the character you have been assigned by using the first letter of your last name. Emperor Guangwu (Hun Dynasty) You visual essay must have a minimum of 20 images. In the center of your visual essay, you will place an image of your person. Then at the bottom of the visual essay, you will write, in another box a summary of who this person was, the most memorable things about them, and how they impacted the world in which they lived. You will provide, in your images, details as to how each image reflects the personality and the story behind your historical figure, make these short explanations.
You will save your visual essay by copying the web-address this site provides for you Part 02: Written Component You will write a 1.5 page paper addressing the questions below.
Unit Resources: https://www.worldhistory.org/china/
Essay Questions: In what ways was your character a man of his age? Why was your character significant and his life important to this cultural period? This information, in part, will come from the unit material. You must cite the unit material a minimum of two times throughout your paper. Your other sources will be cited as well. When submitting Part 02 be sure to paste the web link to your visual essay at the top of the page. The format for Part 02: Time New Roman 12 pt font. Chicago Style Formatting, using inserted footnotes.
Expectations: The student will identify and connect themes of the historical period to their chosen historical figure, revealing the character of their individual and the impact they had on their culture, as well as the culture of their contemporaries.
Submit: Upload the written portion and your visual essay link at he top of the page by the due date assigned.

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