One low and one high.

Select 2 recent purchases. One Low and One High. List your Low Involvement and High Involvement Purchses. For the purchases, USE PURCHASE OF (FLAT SCREEN TV : For High Involvment and TACOS FOR DINNER : low involvment)
Refer to Figure 1.1 and 1.2 in the Module and replicate these charts. Create a similar chart that compares and contrasts the buying process for both products. Be specific and follow the Consumer Decision Making process in Module 1. (Upload this as an image and attach or embed it in your post). Within the chart, list what elements, models, theories, influences, etc. discussed in the readings (lecture/articles/videoWits) were present in these purchases? This includes but not limited to Maslows, loyalty, emotions, involvement level, value, influencer, etc. ( just list these in the chart, explain in your summary) Write a summary (1-3 Business Writing Style paragraphs) that explains the differences in the purchases (use influences/models/concepts/theories) to support your explanations. Be sure to comment on Value, Needs, Influences, and Loyalty and how these differ (and why) for the 2 different purchase types. Reference and cite/source course content to receive full credit.

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