Outline checklist:

Make sure to review all reading materials in this Module before working on your outline. This assignment grade heavily depends on your mastery of the outline format (headings, numerical format, in-text citations, bibliography, etc.), outlining principles, outline format, and the quality of the content (introduction, body, and conclusion). Review Informative Speech Outline.pdf. The outline assignment requirements are specific and slightly different than the example in the reading assignments. Make sure to follow this sample outline as the model. Develop a full-sentence outline on the approved Informative Speech Topic. A good outline for this assignment runs between 4-6 pages.
Apply the three outlining principles (Coordination, Subordination, and Division) in the Body of the Speech. Follow either APA or MLA format and include a complete bibliography.
Review the grading rubric. All work will be graded only once. Make sure to read the instruction and the requirements carefully.
Outline Checklist:
Included all the required headings – Topic, Specific Purpose Statement, Central Idea Statement, and Organization.
The Introduction included the five elements of an attention-getter, a statement of credibility, a topic/central idea, a reason to listen, and a preview statement. List and label each element as a separate point as shown in the sample outline. Do not write the introduction in a paragraph. The Body included proper main points arranged by an appropriate Organization. The main points and sub-points follow the three principles of outlining.
The main points were adequately supported and included proper in-text citation format (APA or MLA format).
The Conclusion included the three elements of a review statement, a tie-back statement, and a memorable statement. List and label each element as a separate point as shown in the sample outline. Do not write the conclusion in a paragraph. Use formal language, follow APA or MLA format, and include a bibliography.
This is the base of my speech here:
Topic: Affordable Housing
Specific Purpose Statement: My speech will inform the audience about what affordable housing is along with the history, their services in the bay area and how one may become involved.
Organizational Pattern: Problem-Solution
Main Points: 1. What the Affordable Housing is and its history.
– What is the meaning of affordable housing? – What is the historical background of affordable housing?
– What does affordable housing do?
2. Their services in the Bay Area
– How does affordable housing work?
– Why is affordable housing important?
3. How you may get involved. – Help out in the community – volunteer
– Spread awareness – Donate

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