Outline form

Explain your career (which will be a pediatrician) Outline form
a. tell us about your career, why did you choose it? (because since im asthmatic i grew up in and out of the hospital which seeing them hell me and other inspired me to do the same)? and where do you want to go to work for, meaninf the state or country ( you can put any you would like) . (paragrapg 1) i. (why did you choose it) is a question that is best if you anwsee at the beginning of the progject) 2. HISTORY OF YOUR CAREER: a. Describe a brief timeline lf how your career came into being, how it has evolved, from its inception to today. this timeline must be in chronological order. ( a timeline usually includes 10-15 bullet points each with at least 30 words, it mist flow) 3. DEMOGRAPHICS (2-3 paragraphs):
a. Tell us about your carrer as of today , especailly regarding what are its current populations: – race gender Socioeconomic status and current average salary, especually which are the states that pay better and those that pay less. 4. ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGES OF STUDYING YOUR CARRER (2-4 paragraphs): a. Whats happening today in your career? Does anything stand out? For example: Any problems with discrimination? Against whom and why? If not, talk about issues concerning your career.
b. what are some of the pros and cons of studying your carrer today? 5. EXPERTS (1 paragraph for each expert): a. you are going to name 3 experts in your field, and explain why they are experts? Meaning, do a brief biography of each one, and why are they a source of inspiration to you? This bigraphy should be one to two paragraphs
6. INTERVIEWING AN EXPERT (2-5 paragraphs): a. You are going to interview an expert in your field,. i. You will contact them and present your findings in your report. ii. We will discuss the questionnaire in class 7. CONCLUSION (1 paragraph)
a. Summary of your findings (your carrer), but more importantly, YOUR informed OPINION about it, did your oersoective change about stidying it? Why or why not? Tell us about things you did not know before researching your career, and why? paragraphs atleast 300 words, least 11 reliable sources, HAS TO BE double- spaced, needs to have a title and reference page 4/5 pages not counting the reference page

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