Paper must be 3-4 pages long.

Paper must be 3-4 pages long. Please answer the following questions/prompts in essay/paragraph format. Please do not use bullet points. The source will be the linked play below:

Hamilton ACT 1
Please answer these questions based on the linked production in an 3 page essay format.
List the name of the production, where you saw it, and the date you attended.
List the names of the actors and the characters each played or list the names of the dancers and which dance numbers they were a part of.
Who was your favorite actor/actress/dancer and provide at least 3 reasons why.
Provide a summary of the play/dance performance.
Please describe in detail the beginning of the performance and the end of the performance.
What are your three favorite things about the production and explain why.
What are three things you think could be improved about the production and explain why?
In what ways are acting in a play or dancing in a show are like giving a speech? Provide at least 3 reasons explaining why.
Production Responses are writing exercises that helps to evaluate, and explain the success of the speech used by performers in one of the Theater Arts main stage productions. This production response involves analysis, evaluation, and critical thinking; the essay is not just an “opinion paper.” Students need to make claims about the success or failure of the performers’ utilization of effective delivery techniques, and explain examples from the performance to prove their claims on whether the speakers created clear, interesting and appropriate language.

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