Part 1: The Merchants of Cool You have the directions to stream The Merchants of


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Part 1: The Merchants of Cool
You have the directions to stream The Merchants of Cool in an announcement.
Please share your impressions, observations, thoughts on three separate issues/topics raised by this documentary about Viacom’s marketing “cool” to teenagers through their various platforms (MTV etc.)

The Merchants of Cool

Part 2: Killing Us Softly
To stream Killing Us Softly: (Links to an external site.)
Go to website, Click on RESEARCH, then DATABASES.
In Seach bar for Databases, write: Kanopy
In the search bar enter: Killing Us Softly
When the title comes up, choose Killing Us Softly 3 & screen.
Please contribute one thorough, detailed post and one reply.
1. Please pick several aspects* ( below) of ” Killing Us Softly” and make thoughtful comments based on your own experiences and perception. * Perception & Artificiality, Objectification, Fragmentation of the body, Femininity or Masculinity, Appearance and slimness/fitness, Cutting Girls Down to Size, Sexuality, Infantilization and Pornography, the Trivialization of Sex, Violence, Polarizing Masculinity and Femininty, Progress and activism.
2. Find an advertising image that illustrates the ideas you are covering. This advertising image can be from any decade. I will send directions on how to properly upload the image as a file into the DF window. in an announcement. I will also send you some ideas about where you can find advertising images on the web.
3. How do images of women and men in advertising shape your understanding of female/male gender roles, the idealization of beauty, your own perception of beauty, how you feel about yourselves. What sorts of messages do you feel are targeted to your demographic?
4. Please comment on aspects of gender, race/ethnicity, and age. Analyze and critique how the image of women ( and men) is used in advertising, the messages embedded in those images and how they shape our perceptions of ourselves and others.
Make sure you identify the specific form of media ( TV, film, print, internet), for example: Vogue magazine, Esquire magazine etc., Feel free to include an advertising image that reflects the issues you are discuss AND any information you have encountered in this course, Mass Media & Society.
Directions for Posting Images:
1. You can click the “embed image” button while typing your canvas assignment. This will let you upload any images that you downloaded for this assignment.
2. Copy and Paste: This method can sometimes be tedious based on your PC type, but simply copying and pasting the image can work as well.