Please cite your sources.

Quantifying the behavior of the economy with statistics such as GDP is the first step to developing the science of macroeconomics. Rich and poor countries have vastly different levels of GDP and GDP per person. If a large GDP leads to a higher standard of living, then we should observe GDP to be strongly correlated with measures of the quality of life. But GDP is not a perfect measure of wellbeing. Go to to an external site. or to an external site. choose a country or a region you are interested in, find out their GDP, GDP per person, life expectancy, adult literacy, health care system and other aspects of their quality of life.
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Post to Db: The 1st post is your findings of general information of the county you researched; and the 2nd post is to discuss a recent (within a year) event/article /video about this country that had a big impact to its economy or society as a whole. Please cite your sources. The MINIMUM requirement is to post TWO new posts (or Thread) each Db assignment. In addition, you should post THREE responses (replies) to other students’ writing that you find to be the best or most interesting (provocative) of the group. Each of your commentaries should be comprised of a single STRONG paragraph (initial posting should be at least 250 words in length, substantiated and related to the extent to the assigned readings). This is sufficient as long as it is done well. It is required that you cite your sources. Db postings are due by 11:59pm Thursday and responses (replies) are due by 11:59pm Sunday.

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