Provide a brief statement about each.

Answer short answer questions Research Shelly’s tax question by examining 4 relevant sources (code, regulation (if any), article and case), then draft a memo to Shelly advising her how to proceed Examine ethical dilemma, consult AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and draft a memo to file (keep as evidence that you addressed the issue) Short Answer 1. List the three sources of tax law. Provide a brief statement about each.
2. If a taxpayer has a disagreement with the IRS and has exhausted all administrative efforts, which courts of original jurisdiction will hear his case? (list all) 3. In the question above, explain the differences between the courts with respect to: payment of deficiency before trial, jury trial and types of disputes.
4. Name two on-line tax research sites/software (other than CCH) and provide the web info to access each. Include a copy of the home page of each.
5. How do you access CCH via the WPU web page? Provide a copy of the home page.

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