Research topic:

Please write a 3500 – 4000 word research paper.
Please use at least 8 scholarly journals as references in your paper.
Please use MLA or APA style for citation in your paper.
Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Background Information: The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) was published in 2014 to provide guidance for organizations looking to improve their cybersecurity defenses. While the vast majority of organizations recognize the value in such a universally recommended, collaborative effort to improve cybersecurity in businesses of all sizes, adapting and implementing the framework is easier said than done. Research Topic:
You are the new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a large corporate entity. Describe a sensible approach for implementing the NIST CSF within the corporation. Discuss management and leadership approaches to doing this.

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