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The mental health system is broken. The shutdown of state-run facilities, lack of knowledge, and fear of the mental health stigma put a dark shadow on a system that is needed more than ever. The country is trying to make strides to care for those with mental health diseases. More and more people are talking about their struggles with mental health and normalcy is finally coming to light. Everyone struggles with some sort of mental health problem at some point in their life. Removing the stigma is a great first step. What about insurance companies? Is mental health care covered by insurance companies?
Here is where the system is really flawed. An insurance company can cover bariatric surgery for someone obese, but it will not cover in-patient mental health stays unless the patient attempted suicide. Kristi Bennett was 28 years old, full of life and joy. Outwardly, she never showed she suffered from anything. Internally, she suffered from depression. She reached out for help, knowing she could not get through this hurdle on her own. She was turned down from in-patient care. She was told that the only way insurance would cover her stay was if she attempted suicide. So that is what she did. She attempted to kill herself but was successful. She did her research, and she measured out how many tablets she could take without dying, but what she didn’t calculate was how little she weighed and how not all bodies process medications the same. A bright light was snuffed out, simply because her insurance would not cover the necessary treatment (SHORMAN, 2020). The Bennett family has done their due diligence in fighting for mental health awareness and the injustice of the insurance companies. A family pays thousands of dollars each year for coverage, only to be told that insurance does not cover mental health services or in-patient care. It should be a crime to deny care in these cases, but that mental health stigma is still lurking. It’s a shameful secret that no one wants to talk about. That is why the Bennett family has taken this issue to the Kansas Capitol. This family has spoken out against the hold insurance companies have against its patrons (SHORMAN, 2020). Although the nation’s healthcare system is broken, strides continue to be made to help those in a mental health crisis. The suicide prevention hotline has gone from 1-800-273-8255 to a shortened 988 number. Crisis counselors are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Texting is even an option for the 988 hotlines, making getting much-needed help even easier for some. If a single life can be saved by reaching out, the hotline has done its job. The musician Logic released a single with the hotline number to bring awareness. The message was clear in the lyrics to reach out if help is needed. (PARK, 2022) In conclusion, the nation has taken steps to help the state of mental health awareness. The nation’s people are beginning to fight against a flawed system. Awareness is growing nationwide, and voices are being heard. Progress has always been painstakingly slow and healing the mental health system will be no exception. References
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